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When it can or must be done inside

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Horror. That was pretty much the synonym for indoor training sessions on the classic tacx systems or on the rollers. Not infrequently, you reeled off the session with your eyes on infinity or, if you were lucky, with a few docu's on Discovery Channel in the background. How different is it today with the smart bike trainers that have introduced virtual training into the living room with the integration of popular training apps such as Zwift or TrainerRoad.

Velodome is an official retailer of Wahoo's KICKR Trainers. These smart bike trainers offer the ultimate experience with a flywheel that helps emulate the feeling of cycling outdoors. The Wahoo KICKR is without a doubt the most connected smart trainer on the market with many software training options. There is the unsurpassed KICKR Smart Trainer, popular with Team Sky pros among others, the more 'basic' KICKR Core Smart Trainer and the KICKR Climb for the best virtual climb ride. If you're more into a classic system where you click your bike in, then the Wahoo KICKR Snap Trainer under chilled KICKR Headwind is your thing.