VELODOME becomes RAIDA: even more service and offerings

A year after the announcement of the cooperation with Cool Electro Cycles and the Walloon Bicyclic under the Raida banner, a new important step has been taken. Because as of January 3, we are also renaming our shops in Berchem, Beveren and Brasschaat to Raida, thus realizing the ambition of a new nationwide network of premium cycling [...]

Velodome expands its network with Bicycle Factory

Great news! We welcome Bicycle Factory to our network. Together we can offer customers the advantages of scale with an expanded range, faster deliveries and more options in after-service. Fietsfabriek has a branch in Aarschot and Tienen, where you will also be able to go for maintenance and expert advice. Fietsfabriek is the brainchild of Wim [...].

Get into autumn and winter with PEdALED!

Your cycling adventure will not be caged. Off road, on road: it doesn't matter. Freedom is your portion. Weather or no weather. PEdALED makes cycling apparel for passion riders like you. The all-round Odyssey collection is for rides over any type of terrain, no matter the distance. The Essential line perfects the natural properties of merino wool. Opt for [...]

Princeton CarbonWorks now at Velodome!

Anyone watched Filippo Ganna's world endurance record? Seen what wheels he rode on? Indeed, Princeton CarbonWorks. This is a relatively new brand, conceived by a group of Princeton University engineers with a relentless drive to develop bicycle wheels for performance without compromise. You can recognize a Princeton CarbonWorks by its wavy pattern, or "sinusoidal rim [...].

First Velodome Demo Day on Sept. 24 with top poster!

Velodome is the bike store where every cyclist comes home, and not least the sporty cyclist. That is the focus of our first Velodome Demo Day on September 24 with an absolute top-notch event. Classified Cycling will present its revolutionary shifting system that is currently causing a furor and is now available at Velodome. There is BMC's latest gravel sensation [...].

Stromer ST3 Special Edition: pure efficiency!

The ST3 Special Edition with exclusive Ipanema Brown paint, Pinion gearing, belt drive, optional fully integrated anti-lock braking system (ABS) and the most powerful battery, is an exceptionally dynamic S-pedelec and ideal for everyday use. The adjustable seating position and smart extras ensure comfortable, stylishly efficient mobility in commuting. Commuting with upgrade: the differences from the classic ST3. [...]

The ultimate road bike has a name: Trek Madone SLR

There are bikes where you immediately feel a sense of instant love. The completely redesigned Trek Madone SLR is one of those. Its sleek silhouette is bold, but not tropic. On the contrary, the Trek Madone SLR exudes power. This is the result of seven generations of ongoing development and makes the new Madone SLR the fastest [...]

Stromer ST7 is the world's first speed pedelec with Pinion Smart.Shift!

Stromer announces a world first. Its ST7 is the world's first speed pedelec with the new electronic Pinion Smart.Shift gearing! Pinion Smart.Shift brings the driving dynamics of a car to the e-bike. It combines the virtually low-maintenance technology of an internal Pinion gear and Gates Carbon Belt belt drive with the advantages of electronic shifting. Shifting is done [...]