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Top among speed pedelecs

True, the Swiss don't make cars, but at Stromer they focus on something better: they build fast e-bikes with unrivalled range, power and versatility. What makes Stromer really special is that their speed pedelecs are not only fast, but also stylish and elegant. And that's not all - they are also super innovative, with smart technology that makes riding easier and more fun.

Mechanic speaking

Stromer is a prominent brand specialising in high-performance electric bikes for urban and commuter transport. The brand is known for its advanced e-bike technologies, powerful electric drive systems and stylish designs. Designed to offer speed and range, Stromer speed pedelecs are popular with commuters looking for an efficient and eco-friendly alternative to car transport. The brand combines modern technologies with functional design to create speed pedelecs that are both performance-oriented and comfortable, making them a favourite choice for tomorrow's mobility.

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