Folding bikes that don't ride
as a folding bike

Tern develops high-quality folding bikes that aim to provide any transportation with a sustainable alternative. The collection consists of bikes for a wide variety of riders or type of use, from electric over urban performance to in and around the city. The wheel diameters of the folding bikes range from 20" to 27.5".

With the electric pedal assistance of the Tern GSD collection, any hill is conquered in no time or the offspring with cargo is brought from A to B smoothly. Tern's Urban Performance bikes feature high-quality components and extremely modern frames. They are folding bikes that don't ride like folding bikes. The Tern urban collection is completely tailored to the specific conditions in the city, from commuting to shopping.

In addition to a bike tailored to your mobility, Tern provides a wide range of accessories that allow any use and transportation, and are made specifically for the geometry of the Tern. Therefore, you never have to worry about compatibility.

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