Bicycle Leasing

Smart, affordable mobility solution

Velodome is your partner in better and more sustainable mobility. In addition to an excellent range of (electric) bicycles, we offer smart bicycle leasing tailored to everyone, for business clients or employees who benefit from a leasing plan through their employer. For this we work together with specialized partners.

B2Bike Leasing

KBC Leasing

Team Cyclis

C-Tec Leasing

o2o Leasing

Lease a bike? Sure!

  • healthy and sustainable mobility
  • fast and congestion-free
  • smart use of mobility budget
  • extensive bicycle allowance
  • favourable tax treatment

How it works.

  • rental period of 36 months
  • option to purchase bicycle after contract expiration
  • annual maintenance budget
  • comprehensive insurance against damage and theft
  • Assistance with immobilization of the bicycle

Choose Velodome, choose carefree cycling pleasure:

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